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My work deals with the theme of spirituality with a concept of contemporary art – abstract – where the ontological foundations of the soul – spirit – nature and essence of being are expressed, color plays a very important role in my work that determines the harmony of the contrast of shadows and strong colors where the connection with spirituality is found, my abstract painting is a language of chromatic freedom that expresses through color the different astral states of being, spirituality is an inspiring and creative source where color is the permanent search in my works. My work is abstract with figurative and semi-figurative details, sometimes it has linear, vertical and horizontal movements, etc. with very strong colors that define my work, for me color is the means of expression and is decisive in a medium that I want to express and reveal all the sensations and emotions where the viewer feels the energy and impact of color in my work, the contrasts of bright lights mean astral energies where the transcendence of the cosmic field – universe – is where I wrap my palette with the mixture of tones, feeling and inspiration as a work of art in my paintings.

Gloria was born in Medellin, Colombia where she lived for most of her childhood and started to paint in her youth years after high school relocated to the city of Cali, Colombia, she attended the Libre University School of Law. After graduating she advanced her career by earning her masters degree in administrative law. After a short tenure of working for the Colombian government, she immediately moved to New York City and went on to study Art at the National Academy Museum School of Fine Arts and later on join the prestigious The Art Students League of New york whose faculty has included such renowned artists Pollock, Rothko, Frankenthaler, among others. She is now a full-time, professional artist.

In addition to painting, Gloria has a passion for traveling and learning about other cultures and nature, having traveled to a few countries she has been exposed to many cultures and ways of life.

She currently lives in New York City where she works in her art studio and commutes to the Art Students League and volunteers with the non-profit organization of “La Magia de las Bellas Artes” at the William V. Musto Cultural Center, in Union City, New Jersey teaching art to children.